New Improved Fixed
11 months ago

Software Update - 4.28.0

New Features:
- Add new functionality to enable manufacturers to specify a BCC email address, to receive copies of all customer emails being sent (Tools > Settings > Update Details - Customer Email Log)
- Add a new accounts-only email fieldfor manufacturers - so that the specified address will ONLY receive invoice and statement related emails. (Tools > Settings > Update Details - Accounts Email)
- Implemented new email templates, with improved styling, content and branding

New Improvements:
- Set a character limit for appliance names
- Improved formatting of "session timed out" message

New Fixes:
- Corrected the alignment of job action buttons on the dashboard, when the 'load more jobs' button is selected
- Updated the naming conventions of the sundry section banner, to adhere to the manufacturer set name for this option.