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over 1 year ago

Software Update - V4.21.0

- We've enabled a 'Maximum Job's Price Age' function, which allows manufacturer's to define a set period (in days) for which a user's job's pricing will be valid. This is based on the 'last updated' date on the job. You can find this under Tools > Settings > Preferences
- Once a job has exceeded the number of days in this field, since it was last updated, upon trying to edit the job the user will be prompted with a dialog box that the job pricing must be reset before they can submit or edit.

New Improvements:
- Added a system queue to allow intensive processes to be queued up and ran on a separate server => speeding up loading times for general system usage.
- New 'queued actions' include Job Copying, Benchtop Designer pricing generation, Room Copying and Price Resets.
- Implemented pricing resets on all benchtop elements