Software Update - 4.28.3

New Features:
- Added a percentage feature on vertical partitions (e.g. Broom Cabinets), which change vertical partition position dynamically as a user changes cabinet width. If a 'mm position' is set, then this will be left at the specified amount and won't change as a user updates cabinet size.

Vertical Partition Percentage Position

New Improvements:
- Remove the word 'Notes' from the variations section heading in QFP / Doors & Panels screen
- Implemented further door validations to account for large negative door margins

New Fixes:
- Fix missing double sided and horizontal grain settings when rooms are automatically created
- Fix times being displayed as UTC on customer dashboard in the 'Quoted Jobs' section

Software Update - 4.28.0

New Features:
- Add new functionality to enable manufacturers to specify a BCC email address, to receive copies of all customer emails being sent (Tools > Settings > Update Details - Customer Email Log)
- Add a new accounts-only email fieldfor manufacturers - so that the specified address will ONLY receive invoice and statement related emails. (Tools > Settings > Update Details - Accounts Email)
- Implemented new email templates, with improved styling, content and branding

New Improvements:
- Set a character limit for appliance names
- Improved formatting of "session timed out" message

New Fixes:
- Corrected the alignment of job action buttons on the dashboard, when the 'load more jobs' button is selected
- Updated the naming conventions of the sundry section banner, to adhere to the manufacturer set name for this option.

Software Update - 4.27.4

New Features:
- Additional Xero integration features - invoice branding themes, individual customer payment terms, optionally disable invoice creation.
- Added a keyword search to Prices > Hardware rather than a dropdown list.
Simply enter a keyword such as 'Antaro' and hit enter to filter the hardware to only show results containing this keyword.

New Improvements:
- Only show 'add room' popup once if a job goes through a price reset before being editable

New Fixes:
- Resolved a bug which prevented mass cost edits to be applied to hidden hardware items
- Fix new hardware items having to be hidden then unhidden before they're usable

Software Update - 4.27.2

New Improvements:
- Remove restriction of always having 'Doors & Panels' products come before regular products
- Add job bypass for submitted GFP jobs which had variation costs attached

New Fix:
- Fix manufacturer "set password" links being reported as expired

Software Update - 4.27.0

New Features:
- Add ability for manufacturers to specify a default and locked edge finishes for each door styles

New Fixes:
- Resolved bug where admin-set default border widths on doors would override a customer-set value on room defaults
- Added applied panels into the outsourced tab of the job report

Software Update - 4.26.3

New Improvevements:
- Reimplement TDLD PDF image generation

New Fixes:
- Resolved a bug where drawer face types in the dropdown options were being reset upon re-editing, despite the saved values being correct. 
- Fix edge matching not working applying to first material option in the list on QFP

Software Update - 4.26.1

New Improvements:
- Updated cookie management
- Additional code cleanup and general improvements

New Fixes:
- Corrected bug which caused the material summary on the materials tab of the advanced job reporting screens to disappear
- Fixed page becoming unresponsive after changing door style (when changing from advanced door style, to non-advanced).

Software Update - 4.25.5

New Improvements:
- Update customer listing API data to rename some fields and add delivery addresses

New Fixes
- Fixed a bug which could cause resetting of advanced door settings if the custom colour name was updated on the room level.

Software Update - 4.25.4

New Fixes:
- Resolved bug with oven heights not always setting drawer face heights
- Fixed a bug where room-level door images were not changing upon selecting a different option

Software Update - 4.25.3

New Improvements:
- Updated Xero specific customer CSV export to append the contact name with their email address, to work around restrictions in the Xero import which required unique contact names
- Made the doors search box on materials page show all the time (previously would hide when only 1 door style was available for the product).

New Fixes:
- Resolved an issue when mid rail heights/widths were being cleared upon re-editing a product some advanced door products
- Resolved a false error when setting a password to verify a customer account

Software Update - 4.25.2

New features:
- Allow customer specific coupons to be created
- Initiate a separate minimum usage fee when a customer selects a material to be double sided

New fixes:
- Resolved a bug where KD Max import file uploader was treating invalid files as successful uploads: now an error will display.

Software Update - 4.25.1

New Fixes:
- Remove Xero ID field from customer self-registration form
- Resolved a bug where updating a room material would duplicate the inner drawers listing on a cabinet that contained inner drawers.

Software Update - 4.24.7

New Improvements:
- More cleanups and general code improvements
- Tighten up validation of coupon codes

New Fixes:
- Resolved the dropdown for drawer selections being overlapped by the footer 
- Fix inconsistent CSV upload error messages

Software Update - 4.24.6

New Improvements:
- Fix configuration of split door fridge cabinets
- Fix tutorial not scrolling to show highlighted element
- Only allow customers to verify their accounts until they set a password

New Fixes:
- General code maintenance and clean up
- Hotfix some inefficient queries in Benchtop Designer

Software Update - 4.24.4

New Improvements:
- Added improved validation of partition positions on wine racks products when added in via TDLD
- Added improved validation of shelves for cabinets which have shelves in only part of the cabinet (e.g. robes, wall ovens, base door/drawers etc)
- Make new cabinet products hidden by default

New Fixes:
- Fix edge case where manufacturer contact details were displayed in manufacturer updates section, if no 'News & Updates' had been set
- Fix "toggle opacity" function not working on door previews

Software Update - 4.24.1

New Improvements:
- Add support lattice doors by creating a 'panes' option
- Improve login/logout and session resurrection functionality

New Fixes:
- Resolved a UI Fix "collapse menu" button falling off the bottom of the screen

Software Update - 4.23.2

New Improvements:
- Improve display of benchtops in the job report
- Updated styling of PDF button popup in search bar and dashboard to be uniform

New Fixes:
- Resolved PDF popout options on job being cut off in search on mobile
- Resolved dimensions not displaying in KD Max import for some panels

Software Update - 4.22.25

- Updated terms of service
- Fixed graphical glitches when reordering products via drag and drop
- Resolved an out of memory issues when using material mass hiding to hide/show over 3000 materials in one go

Software Update - 4.22.24

New Fixes:
- Resolved favourite icon not being set on a favourited product, when editing a favourited products which had been saved to the a job.
- Fix missing benchtops on the job report screen

Software Update - 4.22.22

New Improvements:
- Job Top Down Layout PDFs performance improvements. 
- Further JobReport pricing breakdown improvements around handling of timber rail costs

New Fixes:
- Fix capital "S" in "UnSubmit" prompt to customers

Software Update - 4.22.19

New Improvements:
- Improved performance of the job report page
- Updated behaviour of minimum usage help icon on job report, so that it doesn't popup upon the mouse hovering over it (click now required)
- Updated formatting of minimum usage breakdown on job report to be uniform across all job report tabs
- Add preview to door drawer products
- Better handle importing products through KD Max import which are missing dimensions

New Fixes:
- Resolved an issue when KD Max import crashed after product added
- Fix toe kick height disappearing on some robe cabinets upon product being saved to job then edited

Software Update - 4.22.17

New Improvements:
- Improved performance of loading the customer reports page
- Improve performance of loading the job reports page

New Fixes:
- Resolved the 'door style unavailable on this product' customer prompt not showing up
- Updated shelf previews on open cabinets to utilise correct colour swatch

Software Update - 4.22.15

New Fixes:
- Resolved broken styling on KD Max search popup
- Improved how the detailed cart view displays really tall or wide product images
- Prevented drawer heights being set to "-1" on door/drawer products.
- Fixed drawer runner loading issue when a saved drawer product was edited and the  product depth was subsequently updated.

Software Update - 4.22.14

New Improvements:
- Add beta tag to job report tabs and fix some more bugs
- Updated formatting of taxes on the job report

New Fixes:
- Fixed door height occasionally being cut-off in the panel preview on QFP
- Fix preview image broken on KD Max import

Software Update - 4.22.13

New Improvements:
- Prevent users from adding base L-shaped drawer products if the Solid Top part is hidden
- Add more detail for minimum usage fees on job report
- Remove the word "business" days from statements

New Fixes:
- Updates to remove discrepancies between the overview graph and jobs on the dashboard
- Fix the assembly default for new users

Software Update - 4.22.11

New Improvements:
- Add infrastructure to compile outsourced material details to job report tabs, coming soon to the advanced job report screen.

New Fixes:
- Fix some discrepancies on the reporting graph on the manufacturer dashboard
- Fix branding flashing on login page
- Removed unnecessary "Drawer Panel Edge Inner:" field from CSVs for drawer products

Software Update - 4.22.10

New Improvements:
- On products with doors and drawers (e.g. Wall Ovens cabinets, base door and drawer cabinets), permit different rail details on both the doors and drawers

New Fixes:
- Updated calculations on open units using one material, to better handle varying thicknesses in side panels when bottoms, backs, tops and shelves
- Fix error/success and validation messages appearing under the cart in specific situations

Software Update - 4.22.9

New Feature:
- Added a new search pop out which gives customers the ability to text search job history for job names, references and descriptions and to quickly access job actions (edit, copy, delete, unsubmit and PDF access). 

New Fix:
- Added an error message when user loads a product from the library, and the manufacturer has hidden all permitted drawer runners on that product.

Software Update - 4.22.8

New Fix:
- Resolved a matter where approval dates weren't displaying for old jobs

Software Update - 4.22.6

New Improvements:
- Improve experience on jobs with items from disabled features
- Updated colour swatch rotation (when horizontal grain selected) on all areas of the application 

Bug Fixes:
- Fix a small bug on sundry keyword searching not working correctly after user clicked through multiple sub-categories

Software Update - 4.22.4

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the material swatches on the product specification page cabinet image not following the grain direction set on the products material.
- Resolved a preview issue where contrasting edge colours set on room level we're not displaying upon room update. 

Software Update - V4.22.3

New Improvements & Fixes:
- Fix wine rack not reporting top choice on job report
- Fix invalid completion dates on GFP jobs
- Add "load more" buttons to the outsourced material list
- Updated search logic in Sundries to better handle searches for keywords that don't exist in products

Software Update - V4.22.2

New Improvements:
- Implemented a block to prevent customers being able to use edit buttons before the job is fully loaded
- Fix customers signup source tag being set to 'generic domain' when signing up with a specified manufacturer ID
- Remove the unnecessary 'top shelves' section from wine rack products 
- Fixed product validation errors on KD Max import 
- Update job report page to use goFlatpacks customer minimum charge in job totals

Software Update - V4.22.0

New Improvements:
- Implemented improved password reset email logic
- Removed invalid product popup errors when hardware on specific cabinets was set to drill-only
- Change drawer depth calculation for Ls drawers
- Fix drawer length error message
- Removed redundant GFP code
- Split customer defaults out of customers and manufacturers to facilitate more granular trade/retail control on accounts in Cabinetry.Online

Software Update - V4.20.21

New Feature:
 - Added a new feature where, upon a customer updating room materials, all existing product sizes are validated against the new material max length and width. A popup error is now shown where a previously added valid product (e.g. 2900 x 1200 part) then becomes invalid due to user updating room material to a smaller format material (max 2400 x 1200 sheet size). The product will remain using the materials of the valid product and not be updated.

New Improvements:
- Updated the customer list API to not return deleted customers
- Fix redirection to dashboard when refreshing the new UI
- Permit glass cutouts to be managed by the form fields
- Fix spinning loader when admins or manufacturers navigate to a specific page on the new UI

Software Update - V4.20.20

New Improvements:
 - Fixed a bug that prevented descriptions on different sundry item variations not refreshing upon changing.
 - Added a fix to better report session timeouts 

Software Update - V4.20.19

- Refresh gap and product size caches when they're changed by a customer in their product default settings in their account
- Add full fall-backs to edge matching and optimise it
- Fix customer CSV download only showing customers with jobs 

Software Update - V4.20.17

New Improvements:
 - Improved adjustable legs trigger updating products within rooms
 - Updated edge matching in QFP to find Brand > Colour if no finish exists.
 - Added support for locking and setting edges based on door style settings 

Software Updates - V4.20.16

New Improvements:
 - Use the new UI for 404 handling
 - Fix infinite redirects when subdomains in branding haven't been set with all lowercase
 - Force subdomains to always be lower case 

Software Update - V4.20.15

New Fixes:
 - Resolved an issue that was intermittently not date stamping 'last logged in'
 - Updated shelf setback label for robes with bottoms 

Software Update - V4.20.14

New Features:
 - New setting for Manufacturers! An option has been added under Tools > Settings > Preferences to enable/disable the ability for customers to order advanced door profiles with glass cut-outs
 New Improvements:
 - Reorganise customer settings page
 - Fix management of job database metadata 

Software Update - V4.20.13

New Features:
 - PDFs now list 'No shelves specified' rather than omitting the shelf section if the user adds a cabinet without shelves.
 New Improvements:
 - Fix edge settings being lost when quickly saving
 - Update of pricing logic open vs open carcase products so they both align if using the same material
 - Improved mobile cart view and menu interactions 

Software Update - V4.20.11

New Improvements:
 - Add functionality to reorder cabinets in the detailed cart view
 - Added further cabinet save validation to prevent cabinets face heights being changed and saved with invalid drawer runners
 - Fixed missing product descriptions
 - Resolved image resizing causing product names to disappear when zoomed out 

Software Update - V4.20.10

New Improvements:
 - Added material level 'door filter' restrictions to all products, including those without door styles (e.g open units)
 - Force drawer runner fields to validate after cabinet size change, prior to save/update
 - All customers now switched to New UI
 - Remove line breaks when generating CSVs 

Software Updates - V4.20.9

New Improvements:
 - Display door image in QFP door style dropdown
 - Resolved an obscure error which could appear when clicking edit on a product in the cart before saving a product which was editing in process. 

Software Updates - V4.20.8

New Improvements:
 - QFP support in desktop browser mode on compatible tablet devices
 - Improvements to the size of error messages on QFP for smaller screen resolutions
 - 'Select supply methods' no longer flashes when switching between tabs on a product level 

Software Updates - V4.20.5

New Improvements:
 - Implement extensive validation on advanced door styles that permit borders to be specified
 - Redirect old password reset page to new version
 - Add validation for NZ phone number format
 - Apply default border widths set on door styles on room level 

Software Updates - V4.20.4

New Improvements:
 - Implemented restrictions to file upload types, sizes and counts in preparation for enabling users to attach files to jobs
 - Remove 'door gap' field on products with a single door
 - Hide door categories without door styles in the material dropdowns 

Software Updates - V4.20.3

New Improvements:
 - Updated more validation messages to ensure clarity to end customer.
 - Improve QFP layout on zoomed in or small screens
 - Added floating and collapsible left and right menus for small screens