2 days ago

Software Update 5.9.3

New Feature:
- We've added a new prompt to the job submission process, to ask the customer if they'd like to delete empty rooms in their order prior to submitting job. This means that customers who do not want to order products that are linked to a room (e.g, they only want to order benchtops or sundry items which are not tied to a room), will not get blocked at the job submission stage due to an empty room being unable to be submitted.
Delete empty rooms prompt

New Improvements:
- The Select Address section has been redesigned and improved for mobile view.

New Fixes:
- We've resolved a glitch where Room Assistant was prompting to utilise the double sided option on materials
- Resolved an item where in rare circumstances, products with default edge finishes weren't always showing the default  edge finishes until after changing the material on the product
- Fixed border defaults in QFP not always adhering to a door style's default border - issue was occurring when changing between product types.
- We also fixed a scenario where a job export may crash if it included item codes enabled in the export.
5 days ago

Software Update 5.9.2

New Improvements:
- We've added the new colour browser option for both the Add/Edit Room page, as well as customer account settings. As part of this improvement, the previous 'Advanced Editor' is now no longer available.
Colour Browser on Add/Edit Room page

Colour Browser on customer's Account Settings page

New Fixes:

- Resolved an issue on the job creation page where clicking the "Cancel" button after clicking "New Address" would throw an address validation error.
- Fixed 'Non-Supply' not appearing as an option in the colour browser for carcase materials
9 days ago

Software Update 5.9.1

New Feature!
- We've added an option for manufacturers to control which system emails are sent, across the different parts of the platform. Emails can now be sent based on: 
  • All Emails: (no changes to the current email sending logic)
  • Customer Emails Only: (only emails destined for customers will be sent - none to Manufacturers e.g. job submissions)
  • Manufacturer Emails Only: (only emails destined for Manufacturers will be sent - none to Customers e.g. job submissions, unsubmissions, job approvals etc).
  • Disable Emails: (no emails will be sent from the platform, other than crucial account access emails - password reset)

New Improvements:
- We've added "OPTIONAL" to product sizes, gaps and door margins to better help new customers understand that these fields aren't mandatory and can use manufacturer-set defaults.
- The switch to 'old View' on the Doors & Panels (QFP) screen has now been disabled, making the old view no longer accessible to customers. This functionality will be decommissioned and removed entirely in a future release.

New Fix:
- Resolved a bug where the new Variation Confirmation popup box was missing buttons on jobs where the manufacturer had applied $0 to all variations.

16 days ago

Software Update 5.9.0

New Features!
- We've added new tools for better management of customer's product variations. After sending a job back to a customer for confirmation of the variation costs which have been added, the customer will be presented with a popup to confirm the changes. The popup contains 3 options:
  1. Delete All Variations
  2. Edit Job
  3. Confirm Variations
New Variation Management options

1. Delete All Variations - this option will allow the customer to delete all variations that they had previously applied to their products, and the costings which had been applied. Once completed, the customer will be able to 'Approve without Variations', so that you don't need to go through a second step approval process.

2. Edit Job - this option will allow the customer to unlock their job for full editing (job returns to the 'Processing' status. All previous variations will remain on the product, as well as any costs you had applied for these previously, but will allow the customer to make modifications where required. This option will push the job back through the normal job approval process, so you can reconfirm variation costs and make any further changes required.

3. Confirm Variations - this option indicates that the customer is accepting the variations and the costs that you've applied. Once clicked, the job will follow the normal job submission prompts to check PDF and confirm submission.

The customer also has the option to delete individual variations, if they opt not to go ahead with the request after receiving the cost. To do this, they can click the 'Delete' icon (undo is possible if they make a mistake), and remove the variation from the product along with the cost that you had applied.
Example of a variation being deleted by a customer


- We've added a range of placeholder items (ovens, rangehoods, fridges and dishwashers) to the layout designer, to allow customers to better map out their space.
New Add Appliance/Placeholder option

Placeholders in a layout

Also, room elements (inner walls, doorways and windows) have been condensed under the 'Room Elements' button.
Room Elements

New Improvements:
- We've completed a series of performance works on the Doors & Panels page to drastically improve the loading time (over 75% decrease in loading times!) when product types are switched.
- Updated site application logo to have alt text and title to utilise manufacturer's name

19 days ago

Software Update 5.8.1

New Improvements:
- We've completed a new round of mobile UI improvements, including: Address book, removing white space on bottom menu bar, horizontally align buttons on the Room Assistant popup.
- BETA has finished for the Doors & Panels New view & Benchtop Specifier. The BETA flags have been removed from those sections of the app.

New Fix:

- Resolved the force-updating room defaults option not respecting "include doors" setting. Now, if a customer adds a product and opts to not 'Include doors', then changing room default colour will not override this.
23 days ago

Software Update 5.8.0

New Feature!
- We've added a new setting to the Preferences page (Tools > Settings > Preferences) to set which page a customer lands on after creating a job. The default option is the 'Add Product' page.

New job landing page options

New job landing page - customer view

- We've also added a suite of new tools for Customer Alerts (pop up messages). You can now: Add formatting, links, images and more, preview messages before they are sent & delete any deployed messaged that haven't expired.
New Customer Alert tools

New Improvements:
- The Preferences page has been updated to use new styling and technology
- Additional customer fields (Business name, Mobile Number, ABN/ACN, Address2, URL) which were previously only able to be set via a customer account login are now visible and editable through the manufacturer portal.
- A new "Pending Confirmation" job status has been added to allow manufacturers to better track jobs which are awaiting customers to approve jobs which have been reverted back to the customer for them to approve the added variation costs.
- Vertical partition positions (when set as % position), will now update automatically when the customer alters the cabinet width (after changing partition percentage away from the default 50% value).

New Fix:
- Resolved an issue where a customer list CSV download may time out if it contained too many entries

Software Update 5.7.2

New Improvement:
- We've added a new 'Name' field, which is text searchable, to all pricing / component lists. This replaces the existing name letter dropdowns
- The Old view of the Doors & Panels screen is set to be discontinued from 1st April, 2024. A popup notice now shows displaying this information when the users toggle to switch to the old view.
- Layout designer preview for PDFs now use newer front end generation

Software Update 5.7.0

New Feature!
- We’re excited to add Address Autocomplete for customers, powered by Google Maps API. The new tool will allow users to start typing in a partial address, with the search returning a a drop down list of suggested addresses to choose from. The user can refine this by typing more of their address, and also has the option for manual entry of an address if it is not found.
Autocomplete Addresses

- We’ve also implemented Multiple delivery addresses for customers - allowing users to name/save/edit/delete and store multiple addresses in an Address Book on their account. 
  • Saved Addresses

New Improvements:
- Minimum freight & account status (suspended/active) is now displayed on the customer list as well as the customer list .csv file
- The customer-facing product editor page has been improved for mobile and tablet screens providing a better preview of products. It includes a new 'card style' listing of the product and hardware supply options for more visual and easier selection.

  • Updated mobile view
    New card-style options

New Fix:
- Resolved an issue where the job list page wasn't displaying the download CSV button when it was filtered by the 'Pending Payment' status.

Software Update - 5.6.2

New Features!
- We’re excited to introduce a new Colour Browser tool for Doors/Materials/Edges to help customers to more easily find their desired options. The Colour Browser is a full screen popup to provide a more visual way to navigate available doors, colours and finishes.

Colour Browser

🎓 To see the full tutorial, go here: Colour Browser Tutorial 👈

- Custom Fonts for Customer UI. We've added 3 default site fonts, that you can now utilise on your customer interface. Alternatively, there is a new 'Custom Font' option where users can upload unique fonts to be used on the customer interface (Regular, bold & italic)

- File Uploads for every customer type. Now, all customers are able to add supporting documentation to their order. An additional section is added to Tools > Settings > Manufacturer Preferences to enable/disable the ability for their customers to add attachments to a job.
File uploads

New Improvements:

- The default site font has been updated to a newer, cleaner and more readable font.
- New branding options added. New settings have been added including:
  • Colours for Dashboard and Cart Icons, and accompanying button text
  • Colour for Login page header 
  • Background colour for menu on mobile view

New Fixes:
- The cart icon (top right on desktop view) now adheres to the same colour schemes outlined in the branding settings when the cart is collapsed.
- Resolved a small visual glitch where it appeared that customers were able to order products as Assembled, but no hardware supplied. This was a UI glitch only, and products would be successfully added to the job and displayed in the PDF as Assembled and Hardware supplied.

Software Update - 5.6.0

New Feature!
- We've added a new feature to permit manufacturers to disable the ability for their customers to edit their own account details.

New Improvements:
- Updated handling of estimated job completion dates, when a job is marked as pending payment. Now the customer email will include some text to state “Completion date is subject to change upon receipt of payment."
Estimated job completion text

- The Add Room editor layout and responsiveness has been improved for mobile and tablet view.
Improved mobile view - Room Editor Page

Improved tablet view - Room Editor Page

New Fixes:

- Resolved an issue where the Job Details PDF option was getting disabled upon manufacturer settings changed
- Added cart refresh to ensure room totals are updated in line with product quantity changes in the detailed cart view
- Resolved an error which would occur when the customer selected the 'Continue Editing' option when saving items in QFP

Software Update - 5.4.11

New Improvements:
- We've added a new "door filter" dropdown filter to the material and edge lists to improve searchability
- Invisible shortcuts and total IDs have been added to the Job Turnover report to assist crawling by automation tools 
- Added a spinner to the Include door faces/ no door faces option to indicate material loading when switching between options

Software Update - 5.4.10

New Improvements:
- The customer dashboard UI has been improved for tablet and mobile. Includes: better utilisation of screen space, default landing on 'Quoted' jobs on mobile, vertical alignment of buttons on tablet and more.
- We've hidden the "drawer face height" field on some robe products to prevent confusion
- Order Facilitation Fees are now displayed in more places: customer list, customer report, invoices, monthly statements.
- The customer variations popup has been widened to allow for better display of multi-line variation requests

New Fixes:
- Updated the title of the corner spec popup on Benchtop Specifier to show clip/notch based on the users selection
- Fixed an error which appeared if trying to download a blank customer list CSV (e.g. if filters had been applied and no customers met the filter criteria)

Software Update - 5.4.9

New Improvements:
- Page titles (displayed on tabs) have been added to to all manufacturer login pages - making it easier to navigate when multiple tabs are open.
- Optimised Improve dashboard load times for manufacturers and admins

New Fixes:

- Resolved an issue where estimated completion dates were being incorrectly set on jobs with variations, if they were not manually overridden
- Added a tweak to refresh dashboard cart when a room is deleted so that products do not show that they are still in the job (would show correctly after a refresh).
- Corrected a glitch where if a customer set job as delivery, then changed to pickup, it would still show delivery addresses on the job confirmation email
- Resolved a bug where locked drawer products (e.g. bin units) were being changed when force-updating products through the room update feature.

Quality of Life Changes:
- Removed item summary report, this will be replaced down the line with a more sturdy and functional reporting option
- Clean up links to old and unused sections (e.g. old help & support links)
- Removed supplier filter in job list

Software Update - 5.4.7

New Improvement:
- Improve the layout of the login page for tablet and mobile to be more dynamic

New Fixes:
- Resolved a quirk where the Cabinetry.Online logo was missing Firefox browsers, on the generic login page (no subdomain)
- Implemented better error handling for customer report page when customers have invalid benchtops in a job
- Fixed logging out on mobile occasionally showing a white screen

Software Update - 5.4.4

New Improvements
- Material type dropdown filter has been added to the edge materials page
- Suspend fields to the customer list API
- Add item codes to door styles

New Fixes
- Fix end-only flag on edges not being set correctly on copied edge profiles (Benchtop Specifier)
- Fix margins not locking correctly when selecting finger pull options

Software Update - 5.4.3 (last release for 2023)

New Improvements:
- We've released a stack of UI improvements:
  - Screen layouts dynamically change to better suit available screen space (columns change from 6 to 4 to 2 depending on screen size and device)
  - Supply icons (hardware/flatpack/assembled/adj legs) have been resized and formatted to use less screen space
  - Eliminated overlapping elements when entering notes on a product

New Fixes:
- Updated Benchtop Specifier preview to resolve a bug where clipped/notched corners which had a profile applied were not shown

Software Update - 5.4.0

New Features!
- We've implemented a new room assistant tool to help customers add products immediately, and intuitively adapt product preferences as they navigate through an order.
Room Assistant

- Added a new tutorial-style popup to better explain new features and app updates
Tutorial-style popup

- We've also transformed the way Room Updates work, so now a user can unconditionally update products when saving rooms - this means that the products do not need to be matching room defaults in order to be eligible to be updated with room changes. Previous options (Update Room Only, or Update Products Matching Room Defaults) still remain under the 'More Options' button
Room Update options

New Improvements:
- Added fields to set markup and minimum freight and cost to customer registration API via wordpress Forminator plugin

Software Update - 5.3.6

New Feature!
- We've implemented a new feature where the User Interface now regularly checks if there have been version changes in the back end and automatically refreshes the page if we have released a new version.

New Improvements:
- Benchtop Specifier has been restricted on mobile view, while we work on improved screen layout and usability. Users will now be instructed that the module can only be accessed via desktop only.

New Fixes:
- Resolved an edge case where, when a customer is selecting a pickup from a depot point, the email incorrectly listed the customer's address as the pickup point instead of the depot address.
- Fixed the supply hardware checkbox being "locked" in old QFP view after changing from the default selection

Software Update - 5.3.5

New Feature!
- We've added a new option in Benchtop Specifier to allow manufacturer to create new Benchtop Profiles which are selectable on benchtop ends only.

New Improvements:
- Another round of performance improvements to the room editor - users should notice rooms load up in seconds, and any further loading is contained within dropdown lists. Room is also able to be saved straight away upon clicking option, if the customer does not want to change any room default settings.
- Removed a redundant column from Benchtop Specifier matrix export to make it clearer which are the required fields
- Allow non-post formed profiles to reference SP/DP for form factor pricing

Software Update - 5.3.4

New Feature!
We are excited to introduce our newest feature, fully customisable Customer Labels, designed to increase the manageability and visibility of customer accounts for better organisation and analysis.
Customer Labels feature

  • Enhanced Visibility: Users can now apply customisable labels to customer accounts. These labels are prominently displayed above the customer’s name on all screens, ensuring easy identification at a glance. To help keep things clear, hovering over a label will show a tooltip with the full label name.
    Customer Labels Visibility

    Customer Labels - Tool tip
  • Advanced Filtering: Searching for customers has never been easier. With Customer Labels, users can filter their customer lists based on the labels assigned. This feature streamlines the process of grouping and finding customers according to specific criteria or attributes.

  • CSV Export Integration: The labels are now included in the CSV export of the customer list. This addition ensures that customer segmentation can be carried over seamlessly when importing your customer list into marketing platforms such as Mailchimp, enhancing your marketing efforts through targeted campaigns.

  • Reporting Tools Upgrade: Customer Labels have been integrated across various reporting screens. Users can gain deeper insights and perform granular analysis on customer quoting, job turnover, and job summaries, all with the added dimension of label-based segmentation.

  • Dynamic Use Cases: The new tagging system is dynamic, allowing for a variety of applications. For instance, users can tag new customers who require initial contact and remove the tag once the engagement is complete, ensuring no customer is overlooked.

  • Endless Possibilities: The Customer Labels feature opens the door to numerous possibilities for managing customer interactions and analysing data. We look forward to seeing how our users will leverage this new tool to optimise their customer engagement strategies.

We believe this feature will empower our users to categorise and analyse their customer base in more meaningful ways. Try out Customer Labels today and take your customer management to the next level!

New Improvements:
- Reduce icon size on hardware and assembly options to better utilise screen space
- Restore special type for the drawer faces toggle

Software Update - 5.3.3

New Improvements:
- We've released a stack of speed improvements to the site, including loading Rooms (hardware items now load almost instantaneously), product load times as well as product saving. Users should notice significant improvements to the loading times throughout the app in general.
- Old QFP now processes save requests for 2 products concurrently - speeding up overall save times.

New Fix:
- Resolved a slightly incorrect door hang display on pantries with return panels

Software Update - 5.3.2

New Improvements:
- Add a more info question mark on glass sub panels and rename the field
- Improve performance of old QFP screen

Software Update - 5.3.1

New Feature!
- We've added a new "prefix" field to Benchtop Specifier edge profiles so that a material can have a different price matrix based on the profile that is selected.

New Improvements:
- Condense variations and minimum usage fees into more-info popups
Minimum Usage Fees condensed

New Fixes:
- Resolved a glitch where the cart details were not updating automatically (unless user refreshed page) when dimensions were changed on products from the layout designer
- Fixed an edge-case crash when benchtop was saved with edge profiles, then edited and all edges set to not visible.
- Prevented products being flagged as invalid when hardcoded hardware used on them (e.g. bin units) were set to using drill-only hardware by the manufacturer

Software Update - 5.2.3

New Improvements:
- Standardise how material strings are displayed throughout the app. Now it is displayed everywhere as {Colour Name} {Finish Name} - {Thickness} {Brand} {Substrate}
- Add selectable line weighting for benchtop edge profiles, so manufacturers can utilise thick lines
Benchtop line weighting

New Fixes:
- Resolved a glitch where hard-defaulted border widths weren't applying correctly to products in the old QFP view

BETA-only access finished - new Doors & Panels screen & Auto Save

BETA-only access has now finished for the new QFP / Doors & Panels screen.
All customers will now see the search function and get access to the auto save and speed improvements by default.
Here's some quick user guides, for your reference:

🚪 Using the new Doors & Panels Screen
💾 Doors & Panels - Auto Save

*A log out / log in may be required for the customer to see this change

Software Update - 5.2.2

New Improvements:
- Update non-postformed profiles to permit the 'restrict adjacent edge' option
- Improve customer interaction feature:
 - Remove date stamp from customer interaction section on dashboard, for more space for activity detail
 - Reorganise layout of the customer interaction page
 - Permit editing of the status (open/closed) without text also going into edit mode
 - Use pop-up screen for viewing activities when there is a 'view more' option
 - Add a button to 'Add Activity' from the Customer Interactions page
 - Default status on the Customer Report screen is now to show 'Any' rather than 'Open' so that customer interactions history is visible without selecting 'Any'

New Fixes
- Resolved a KD Max import issue

Software Update - 5.2.1

New Improvements:
- Default thickness on benchtop module is now 33mm. If no 33mm are available, then the fallback default thickness will be the first in the list
- Improve responsiveness of detailed cart view and login screen
- Improve experience for benchtop-only manufacturers:
  - Permit jobs to be created and submitted without a 'Room' providing there is at least 1 benchtop or sundry item.
  - Don't run 'Add Room' tutorial if add room button is disabled

New Fixes:
- Resolved a preview glitch on the Base Door Drawer product previews
- Refactor default delivery date calculation to prevent infinite loops
- Added in missing "saved to cart" message to flash briefly on the pricing section of the new Doors & Panels (QFP) screen when a product is auto saved
- Fix page error when users select incompatible edge profiles and materials on benchtops


Software Update - 5.2.0

New Features!
- We've added a new Autosave feature on the Doors & Panels (QFP) screen. Now, when the customer adds a new item / copies an item / or otherwise selects a different item line, the previously focused product will save once focus shifts to the new / copied / newly edited item.

 - Allow manufacturers to set product images and names
Custom product names

- Allow custom product minimums and maximums heights/widths/depths and default width size
Custom Minimums and Maximums sizes

New Improvements:
- The hinge hole section on Doors & Panels is now hidden if the door hang is set to none, or client has selected the 'None' hinge
- Improve benchtop CSV output & updates for CSV corner output to be more compatible with WoodCAM

New Fix:
- Resolved a bug where grained material validation wasn't working in certain circumstances

Software Update - 5.1.7

New Features:
- We added a new option for manufacturers to permanently delete (not just hide) unused materials/edges/hardware/doors
- Add reCAPTCHA to signup forms to prevent spam signups

New Improvements:
- Updated the library of benchtop edge profile symbols to use a finer weighting of the lines
- Customer favourites now checks product library again upon loading to ensure no hidden products are shown

New Fixes:
- Resolved a display issue where custom colour fields listed an extra label, and displayed partially off-screen when using the "advanced" material selector

Software Update - 5.1.6

New Feature!
- We've added the ability for symbols to be applied to benchtop edge profiles
Benchtop Profiles with Symbols

New Improvements
- The save/update on a product is temporarily disabled when the 'No Doors/drawer face' option is selected, to allow the non-supply option to display

New Fixes
- Restore previous GFP customer CSV download
- Fix QFP product API showing hidden products

Software Update - 5.1.4

New Feature!
- We've expanded on the existing 'Customer interactions' section on the customer report, and added 2 new sections to help you make the most of this feature:
  1. We've added a summary to your dashboard, showing a summary of current 'Open' interactions (e.g. things you might need to follow up on)
  2. We've also created a new 'Customer Interactions' dashboard (find under Customers > Customer Interactions from your toolbar)and improve customer interaction functionality
New Improvements:
- Replaced 'Customer' dropdown lists on various pages (job list, materials, edges, hardware, parts, doors) with text-based search instead. This speeds up page loading times, and makes it easier to find customer accounts.
- Make variation 'this may incur additional costs...' message to display immediately upon clicking 'Variation Request'
- Added some improvements to the new Product Page layout including:
  • Some further visual tweaks to optimise space and page layout
  • Clear variation/notes if the customer hits the (X) button
  • Added icons for 'Include drawers/doors faces' option
    Include Door Faces icons

Software Update - 5.1.2

New Feature!
- We've added a new standalone benchtop specifier PDF, which will be generated once a job is approved. This will a table on the PDF containing your company details, job # and name and only show the benchtop/s added to the job. This has been added to make it quicker for you to forward the PDF on to your benchtop supplier for easy ordering of customer top orders.

New Improvements:
- Minimum charge fees now only show to customers when they have 1 or more products added to a job. Until a product is added, the field will be invisible and job total will show as $0
- Improve shelf/door previews for 2 and 3 part cabinets and cabinets with partitions to better show cabinet construction
- The "Convert to %" and "Convert to mm" buttons on advanced shelf settings have been combined into 1 button. This will show the inverse of whatever the shelf position field is showing. E.g. if showing as %, then the button will read as "Convert to mm"
- Updated the price reset alert popup message to show job# and name of affected job

New Fixes:
- Updated label on Fridge Split Door cabinets to reflect correction for "bottom section height"
- Prevent setting blank values in benchtop pricing matrices
- Prevent benchtop edge profiles being duplicated when visibility is toggled
- Resolved notes not being saved in old QFP editor 

Software Update - 5.1.0

New Feature:
- The new Benchtop Specifier produces benchtops as a top-level job item, instead of having the requirement of the user needing to add a room first.
- Benchtop Items added in through the new Benchtop Specifier now are displayed in the Detailed Cart View
Benchtops in Detailed Cart View

New Fixes:
- Updated calculations to better handle multiple door products in the new fingerpull rail prompts
- Resolved a bug where the variation banner was not showing on job report for benchtop-only jobs

Software Update - 5.0.7

New Feature!
- We've implemented a revamped product editor with new sections to better detail the composition of the cabinet and components supplied
New Product Screen

New Improvements:
- Split Notes & Variations up, notes now lives under the product image and has been renamed to 'My Notes' for better clarity about it's purpose.
- Add warning banner, and prompts to update to a more current version at top of screen when customer is accessing the portal from unsupported browsers.

New Fixes:
- Fix QFP showing incorrect door styles when switching to products with doors

Software Update - 5.0.6

New Improvements:
- Enhance drawer pack validation rules to permit different minimum height on drawers where the drawer is part of a 'Collective Faces' option (min cut height, drawers)
- Enable new Benchtop Specifier to non-BETA customers, if the manufacturer has Benchtop Module enabled in settings but not Benchtop Designer (legacy)

New Fixes:
- Resolved certain scenarios where emails were being triggered to customers despite the 'notify customer' checkbox being disabled.
- Corrected a glitch where product count included deleted sundries in job CSV
- Fixed a back-end quirk where if all benchtop brand data was deleted, new materials could not be added.

Software Update - 5.0.4

New Features:
- Add tool to mark jobs as completed in bulk

New Improvements:
- Add CSV exports to benchtop material pages
- Fix blank cells causing benchtop pricing matrix imports to fail
- Improve layout and appearance of buttons on the benchtop material pages

Software Update - 5.0.1

New Feature!
- We've added a new prompt when a customers adds a product to their cart which is using the 'Recessed handle option'. The customer will be asked if they'd like to also add rails for that cabinet at that point in time. We've also added a fingerpull rail calculator on job submission, where it will check if the customer has added enough estimated rail to the job to accommodate any cabinets which have had the recessed handle option applied. 
Finger pull prompt

New Improvements:
- Split width field on pair and straight bifold doors in PDFs

New Fixes:
- Resolved a bug where QFP was sending incorrect drawer face heights to the backend
- Resolved a bug where default edge finishes were not being applied when selecting door styles in QFP
- Fixed confirm button disappearing when editing quantities in the detailed cart
- Updated QFP to utilise explicit overrides for border width on certain products in QFP

Software Update - 4.31.14

New Improvement:
- Make scrollbars more prominent on detailed cart view, cart, and all dropdown lists that are scrollable

Software Update - 4.31.13

New Improvements:
- Backend code cleanups of deprecated features and data
- Added further validations and error messages when a user tries to use a 'Custom Colour' option without filling in the custom colour name field

Software Update - 4.31.12

New Feature:
- Add assembly breakdown in a tab in the job report

New Improvements:
- Make custom colour field mandatory across all sections (account settings, room defaults, add product screen & QFP)
- Removed the ability for user to utilise scroll wheel on mouse to increase/decrease measurements and other numeric fields

New Fixes:
- Fix incorrect door style saved when clicking "No" on room border changed popups
- Prevent mobile users from getting into QFP using the "Add QFP" link
- Corrected a spelling mistake in the horizontal partition field label
- Fixed an edge case where products that are tagged as Interior Material only were unable to be saved when the customer had a Custom Colour option saved on their room level exterior material

Software Update - 4.31.11

New Improvements:
- Reorganise Room tab layout. Supply Defaults now appear first upon loading the room, with Hardware Selections second instead of first.
- Improved the loading behaviour in the Add Room page. Hardware Selections tab now begins loading immediately, while permitting the user to be able to navigate through other tabs.
- Add product images to the QFP product dropdown (New QFP, BETA mode only)

New Fixes:
- Fix door style switching erroneously when there are multiple identical materials (e.g. there are multiple identical materials - one for sharknose and one for flat panel). Make both door styles visible at all times in the material/door search function.

Software Update - 4.31.10

New Improvements:
- Make manufacturer updates box background white on the customer dashboard
- Add option to set the default material selector for a manufacturer

New Fixes:
- Fix errors when copying l-shape doors in QFP and changing to bifold
- Implemented better handling when loading cabinets whose configured drawer systems had all been hidden by the manufacturer

Software Update - 4.31.9

New Improvements:
- Hide favourites tab in customer settings when add product and sundries aren't available

New Fixes:
- Resolved autofill not working on email field on login page in Chrome
- Removed links from cart view when loading jobs to confirm variations
- Fix customer list crashing when sorting by minimum charge

Software Update - 4.31.8

New Feature:
- Added a new auto-scroll feature to focus on the last item added to the job on the detailed cart view. 

New Improvements:
- Improve email wording when customer account attribution occuring
- Added logic to permit copying sundry text attributes on sundry items added to a users job, when that job is copied. 

New Fixes:
- Resolved a glitch where oven and microwave cabinets in a KD Max import was not bringing through drawer top margins
- Fix detailed cart dashboard text flashing briefly while cancelling out of a product before saving

Software Update - 4.31.7

New Improvements:
- Add job name to all email templates that show the job ID

New Fixes:
- Prevent material search tutorial appearing after user closes it, navigates away from material tab, then it reappearing when going back to the material tab again.
- Resolved "missing parameter hori_height" error on drawer cabinets with advanced door types, which used 'collective face' drawer type, which prevented saving the item to cart.

Software Update - 4.31.6

New Improvements to material search functionality:
- Initiate search when clicking the search button or pressing enter
- Prevent irrelevant results from appearing after search terms change by cancelling search request when user adds more characters or deletes existing 

Software Update - 4.31.5

New Improvements:
- Added pulsing placeholder animations when categories and product images are loading
Placeholder animations for loading images

- Update goFlatpacks cached pricing when job prices being reset

New Fixes:
- Persist correct domain when user is forcibly logged out due to account changes

Software Update - 4.31.4

New Improvements:
- Implement backend changes to permit default shelf type to be set on products

New Fixes:
- Resolved a UI display issue on the job report where drawer face sizes were displaying incorrect m2 sizes (didn't affect any pricing calculations)
- Fixed a small glitch on the new Location/Depot functionality where delivery options were being disabled when they're not available on the default depot

Software Update - 4.31.3

New Improvements:
- Refactor the "quick product" search component used by TDLD and KD Max import to be more robust

Software Update - 4.31.2

New Feature!
- A new option has been added under Tools > Settings > Manufacturer Defaults to optionally disable variation requests for customers.
This can also be overridden on individual customer accounts (so that manufacturers can permit certain customers to order jobs with variations, but not others)
Customer level option to allow/disallow variations to be applied

New Improvement:
- Implemented better handling of PDF popups on Safari so that the modal closes when user clicks away on any other part of the screen

Software Update - 4.31.1

New Feature!
- Add depot/branch feature for manufacturers with multiple pickup points or factories. Including specifying Depot/Branch specific pickup or delivery options and fees. New Depot/Branch details added to the Job Report screen.
Optional depot/branches

Specific Depot pickup fees

New Improvements
- Fixed a UI issue where the quantity field on the detailed cart view are shrunken and hard to use on small screens

Software Update - 4.30.1

New Improvements:
- Hyperlink the "Click ... to add one" text on the cart & detailed cart view
Hyperlink text in cart

- Set numeric fields to their minimum when all numbers are deleted - e.g. on 'Hinge Quantity', if the number is deleted by user, auto reset to '2'

Software Update - 4.30.0

New Improvements:
- Remove access to the classic UI for customers and all associated code
- Added better messaging when a user encounters a 404 page 

New Fixes:
- Resolved names of products in cart overflowing when user adds a very long 'Note'
- Fix breadcrumbs in sundries section flashing "base" when clicking the (x) button to clear a breadcrumb

Software Update - 4.29.11

New Improvement:
- Optimise & speed up page loads for QFP and the regular product editor

New Fix:
- Fix PDF button on the cart sidebar not disappearing on Safari

Software Update - 4.29.9

New Features:
- Add new option under preferences to disable estimated completion dates on jobs

New Improvements:
- Add "more info" button for shelf type dropdown, and include pictures of different shelf types
Shelf type more info

- Reimplement customer CSV export by queueing and emailing large exports

New Fixes:
- Fix up and down clickers appearing over dropdowns
- Fix pending payment job CSV not downloading

Software Update - 4.29.7

New Improvements:
- Update new registration API to accept registrations from wordpress forminator form

New Fixes:
- Reworked upper filler assembly pricing to remove erroneous additional assembly charges
- Fix formatting of sundry item names
- Resolved Xero integration refresh token matter when linked to a Xero 'Demo Organisation'

Software Update - 4.29.6

New Improvements:
- C.O Admin backend changes - non-visible to manufacturers
- Add a prompt to alert users to log out if they try to create a job and it isn't successful. 

New Fix:
- Resolved a glitch in dropdown filters on the manufacturer's portal on edge, material and door lists

Software Update - 4.29.2

New Features:
- Added a new "Include door / drawer faces" Yes/No radio buttons on all products that would otherwise have doors / drawer faces. When "No" selected, the system will default to using the 'Non Supply' material on exterior parts, and hide the material search function.
Remove Doors/Drawers

Remove Doors/Drawers

New Improvements:
- Reformat Job Details PDF (table view) to better display information relating to ovens and drawers

New Fixes:
- Resolved a glitch in door previews, where mid-rail positions weren't updating in the preview in certain when altering quantities of rails.

Software Update - 4.29.1

New Fixes:
- Resolved inconsistency in the display of door hang previews when editing saved cabinet products 
- Fixed edge matching in QFP (Doors & Panels)

New Improvements:
- Pre-populate pricing for saved QFP (Doors & Panels) items from API to speed up load times
- Add loading spinners to QFP (Doors & Panels) page upon re-editing saved QFP items 

Software Update - 4.29.0

New Features:
- Implement material search in QFP/Doors & Panels section
- Added a new prompt when the user clicks the 'copy' button, so they can specify how many duplicates of that product that they want
- Display colour swatches on QFP beside material and edge selection
- Display door style image beside door selection

New Improvements:
- When clicking 'Add Product' on QFP/Doors & Panels, product spec is retained, but height/width and any notes/variations are cleared
QFP Search

Software Update - 4.28.18

New Fixes:
- Resolved a small UI glitch which duplicated help and support menu items under specific circumstances
- Updated preview on base pair products to displaying door hang arrow indicators
- Fixed QFP error validation messages displaying incorrect product number

New Improvements:
- On automatically added 'default rooms', apply door style's specific border widths as a default instead of customer set default widths 

Software Update - 4.28.15

New Fixes:
- Fix face height not updating on microwave cabinets
- Fix erroneous rail position fields when rail amounts are 0

New Improvements:
- Add validation of mid rail amounts

Software Update - 4.28.14

New Feature:
- Add configuration for the direction of door hang arrows

New Improvements:
- Change last job state from "Ready for Dispatch" to "Job Completed"

Software Update - 4.28.12

New Improvements:
- Rename fields for the Base Door & Drawer product in the product editor and PDF to give greater clarity
- Change wording on production complete emails for pickup jobs to say 'Your job is now ready for pickup'
- Keep manufacturers on the same page when performing job actions (e.g. if job is marked as complete from dashboard, stay on the dashboard or If a job action is performed from the jobReport page, then return to the jobReport page)

Software Update - 4.28.8

New Improvements:
 - Add IDs and item codes to most Materials, Hardware & Edges tables

New Fixes:
- Resolved door styles being reset when switching tabs
- Implemented a fix to stop horizontal rail position being reset within QFP upon user changing product size or rail heights

Software Update - 4.28.7

New Improvements:
- Relax phone number validations to permit more 
- Prefill the customer's account listed phone number when creating a new jobs to save time

Software Update - 4.28.5

New Improvements:
- Include the estimated completion date in the "approved customer" email
- Add product quantity to yes and edit costs popup
- Implemented UTC time check, and shorter time for token refresh for Xero Access 

New Fixes:
- On doors which have a 'locked edge', resolve an edge case bug where the locked edge was being applied to the carcase edges

Software Update - 4.28.3

New Features:
- Added a percentage feature on vertical partitions (e.g. Broom Cabinets), which change vertical partition position dynamically as a user changes cabinet width. If a 'mm position' is set, then this will be left at the specified amount and won't change as a user updates cabinet size.

Vertical Partition Percentage Position

New Improvements:
- Remove the word 'Notes' from the variations section heading in QFP / Doors & Panels screen
- Implemented further door validations to account for large negative door margins

New Fixes:
- Fix missing double sided and horizontal grain settings when rooms are automatically created
- Fix times being displayed as UTC on customer dashboard in the 'Quoted Jobs' section

Software Update - 4.28.0

New Features:
- Add new functionality to enable manufacturers to specify a BCC email address, to receive copies of all customer emails being sent (Tools > Settings > Update Details - Customer Email Log)
- Add a new accounts-only email fieldfor manufacturers - so that the specified address will ONLY receive invoice and statement related emails. (Tools > Settings > Update Details - Accounts Email)
- Implemented new email templates, with improved styling, content and branding

New Improvements:
- Set a character limit for appliance names
- Improved formatting of "session timed out" message

New Fixes:
- Corrected the alignment of job action buttons on the dashboard, when the 'load more jobs' button is selected
- Updated the naming conventions of the sundry section banner, to adhere to the manufacturer set name for this option.

Software Update - 4.27.4

New Features:
- Additional Xero integration features - invoice branding themes, individual customer payment terms, optionally disable invoice creation.
- Added a keyword search to Prices > Hardware rather than a dropdown list.
Simply enter a keyword such as 'Antaro' and hit enter to filter the hardware to only show results containing this keyword.

New Improvements:
- Only show 'add room' popup once if a job goes through a price reset before being editable

New Fixes:
- Resolved a bug which prevented mass cost edits to be applied to hidden hardware items
- Fix new hardware items having to be hidden then unhidden before they're usable

Software Update - 4.27.3

New Features:
- Add option for manufacturers to disable self-registration

New Improvements:
- Use "working days" instead of "days" in leadtime charts
- Consolidation of Xero integration code
- Removed resetting product edging values on QFP when clicking the 'copy' icon

Software Update - 4.27.2

New Improvements:
- Remove restriction of always having 'Doors & Panels' products come before regular products
- Add job bypass for submitted GFP jobs which had variation costs attached

New Fix:
- Fix manufacturer "set password" links being reported as expired

Software Update - 4.26.3

New Improvevements:
- Reimplement TDLD PDF image generation

New Fixes:
- Resolved a bug where drawer face types in the dropdown options were being reset upon re-editing, despite the saved values being correct. 
- Fix edge matching not working applying to first material option in the list on QFP

Software Update - 4.26.2

New Improvements:
- Improved the Xero disconnection process

Software Update - 4.26.1

New Improvements:
- Updated cookie management
- Additional code cleanup and general improvements

New Fixes:
- Corrected bug which caused the material summary on the materials tab of the advanced job reporting screens to disappear
- Fixed page becoming unresponsive after changing door style (when changing from advanced door style, to non-advanced).

Software Update - 4.25.5

New Improvements:
- Update customer listing API data to rename some fields and add delivery addresses

New Fixes
- Fixed a bug which could cause resetting of advanced door settings if the custom colour name was updated on the room level.

Software Update - 4.25.3

New Improvements:
- Updated Xero specific customer CSV export to append the contact name with their email address, to work around restrictions in the Xero import which required unique contact names
- Made the doors search box on materials page show all the time (previously would hide when only 1 door style was available for the product).

New Fixes:
- Resolved an issue when mid rail heights/widths were being cleared upon re-editing a product some advanced door products
- Resolved a false error when setting a password to verify a customer account

Software Update - 4.24.7

New Improvements:
- More cleanups and general code improvements
- Tighten up validation of coupon codes

New Fixes:
- Resolved the dropdown for drawer selections being overlapped by the footer 
- Fix inconsistent CSV upload error messages

Software Update - 4.24.6

New Improvements:
- Fix configuration of split door fridge cabinets
- Fix tutorial not scrolling to show highlighted element
- Only allow customers to verify their accounts until they set a password

New Fixes:
- General code maintenance and clean up
- Hotfix some inefficient queries in Benchtop Designer

Software Update - 4.24.5

New Improvements:
- Include manufacturer set material height and width overrides in APIs for material search

Software Update - 4.24.1

New Improvements:
- Add support lattice doors by creating a 'panes' option
- Improve login/logout and session resurrection functionality

New Fixes:
- Resolved a UI Fix "collapse menu" button falling off the bottom of the screen

Software Update - 4.24.0

New Feature:
- We've added the ability to create & manage coupon codes, and permit your customers to apply them to their jobs
Coupon functionality

New Improvements:
- Added logic to fall back to room default margins, when a user changes to a finger recess option, and then changes back to 'None'

Software Update - 4.23.2

New Improvements:
- Improve display of benchtops in the job report
- Updated styling of PDF button popup in search bar and dashboard to be uniform

New Fixes:
- Resolved PDF popout options on job being cut off in search on mobile
- Resolved dimensions not displaying in KD Max import for some panels

Software Update - 4.22.26

New Features:
- Add a Change Room Settings button to the left menu
Change room settings button

- Added a short tutorial indicating a Room must be added prior to products
Add room tutorial-style prompt

- Job List CSV export for manufacturers (available only when filters applied. Maximum 300 results)

New Improvements:
- Updated message on detailed cart view to be clearer when there's no room added
- Implemented strict validations of file types when receiving uploads

Software Update - 4.22.22

New Improvements:
- Job Top Down Layout PDFs performance improvements. 
- Further JobReport pricing breakdown improvements around handling of timber rail costs

New Fixes:
- Fix capital "S" in "UnSubmit" prompt to customers

Software Update - 4.22.19

New Improvements:
- Improved performance of the job report page
- Updated behaviour of minimum usage help icon on job report, so that it doesn't popup upon the mouse hovering over it (click now required)
- Updated formatting of minimum usage breakdown on job report to be uniform across all job report tabs
- Add preview to door drawer products
- Better handle importing products through KD Max import which are missing dimensions

New Fixes:
- Resolved an issue when KD Max import crashed after product added
- Fix toe kick height disappearing on some robe cabinets upon product being saved to job then edited

Software Update - 4.22.17

New Improvements:
- Improved performance of loading the customer reports page
- Improve performance of loading the job reports page

New Fixes:
- Resolved the 'door style unavailable on this product' customer prompt not showing up
- Updated shelf previews on open cabinets to utilise correct colour swatch

Software Update - 4.22.14

New Improvements:
- Add beta tag to job report tabs and fix some more bugs
- Updated formatting of taxes on the job report

New Fixes:
- Fixed door height occasionally being cut-off in the panel preview on QFP
- Fix preview image broken on KD Max import

Software Update - 4.22.13

New Improvements:
- Prevent users from adding base L-shaped drawer products if the Solid Top part is hidden
- Add more detail for minimum usage fees on job report
- Remove the word "business" days from statements

New Fixes:
- Updates to remove discrepancies between the overview graph and jobs on the dashboard
- Fix the assembly default for new users

Software Update - 4.22.11

New Improvements:
- Add infrastructure to compile outsourced material details to job report tabs, coming soon to the advanced job report screen.

New Fixes:
- Fix some discrepancies on the reporting graph on the manufacturer dashboard
- Fix branding flashing on login page
- Removed unnecessary "Drawer Panel Edge Inner:" field from CSVs for drawer products

Software Update - 4.22.10

New Improvements:
- On products with doors and drawers (e.g. Wall Ovens cabinets, base door and drawer cabinets), permit different rail details on both the doors and drawers

New Fixes:
- Updated calculations on open units using one material, to better handle varying thicknesses in side panels when bottoms, backs, tops and shelves
- Fix error/success and validation messages appearing under the cart in specific situations

Software Update - 4.22.7

New Improvements:
- Updated font on TDLD product search to match rest of the application
- Updated green 'success' messages for QFP actions to match messages in rest of application
- Added a default to always create a room on new jobs if 'add room' button is disabled
- Removed "default room saved" message if 'add room' button is disabled
- Updated the display of multi-part messages from the API

Software Update - 4.22.6

New Improvements:
- Improve experience on jobs with items from disabled features
- Updated colour swatch rotation (when horizontal grain selected) on all areas of the application 

Bug Fixes:
- Fix a small bug on sundry keyword searching not working correctly after user clicked through multiple sub-categories

Software Update - V4.22.3

New Improvements & Fixes:
- Fix wine rack not reporting top choice on job report
- Fix invalid completion dates on GFP jobs
- Add "load more" buttons to the outsourced material list
- Updated search logic in Sundries to better handle searches for keywords that don't exist in products

Software Update - V4.22.2

New Improvements:
- Implemented a block to prevent customers being able to use edit buttons before the job is fully loaded
- Fix customers signup source tag being set to 'generic domain' when signing up with a specified manufacturer ID
- Remove the unnecessary 'top shelves' section from wine rack products 
- Fixed product validation errors on KD Max import 
- Update job report page to use goFlatpacks customer minimum charge in job totals

Software Update - V4.22.1

New Improvements:
- Add additional reporting in BETA testing on the job report screen
- Updated formula for calculating the maximum drawer length calculations for Ls corner cabinets
- Allow BTD profiles with "."s in their names

Software Update - V4.22.0

New Improvements:
- Implemented improved password reset email logic
- Removed invalid product popup errors when hardware on specific cabinets was set to drill-only
- Change drawer depth calculation for Ls drawers
- Fix drawer length error message
- Removed redundant GFP code
- Split customer defaults out of customers and manufacturers to facilitate more granular trade/retail control on accounts in Cabinetry.Online

Software Update - V4.21.0

- We've enabled a 'Maximum Job's Price Age' function, which allows manufacturer's to define a set period (in days) for which a user's job's pricing will be valid. This is based on the 'last updated' date on the job. You can find this under Tools > Settings > Preferences
- Once a job has exceeded the number of days in this field, since it was last updated, upon trying to edit the job the user will be prompted with a dialog box that the job pricing must be reset before they can submit or edit.

New Improvements:
- Added a system queue to allow intensive processes to be queued up and ran on a separate server => speeding up loading times for general system usage.
- New 'queued actions' include Job Copying, Benchtop Designer pricing generation, Room Copying and Price Resets.
- Implemented pricing resets on all benchtop elements

Software Update - V4.20.21

New Feature:
 - Added a new feature where, upon a customer updating room materials, all existing product sizes are validated against the new material max length and width. A popup error is now shown where a previously added valid product (e.g. 2900 x 1200 part) then becomes invalid due to user updating room material to a smaller format material (max 2400 x 1200 sheet size). The product will remain using the materials of the valid product and not be updated.

New Improvements:
- Updated the customer list API to not return deleted customers
- Fix redirection to dashboard when refreshing the new UI
- Permit glass cutouts to be managed by the form fields
- Fix spinning loader when admins or manufacturers navigate to a specific page on the new UI

Software Update - V4.20.20

New Improvements:
 - Fixed a bug that prevented descriptions on different sundry item variations not refreshing upon changing.
 - Added a fix to better report session timeouts 

Software Update - V4.20.19

- Refresh gap and product size caches when they're changed by a customer in their product default settings in their account
- Add full fall-backs to edge matching and optimise it
- Fix customer CSV download only showing customers with jobs 

Software Update - V4.20.17

New Improvements:
 - Improved adjustable legs trigger updating products within rooms
 - Updated edge matching in QFP to find Brand > Colour if no finish exists.
 - Added support for locking and setting edges based on door style settings 

Software Updates - V4.20.16

New Improvements:
 - Use the new UI for 404 handling
 - Fix infinite redirects when subdomains in branding haven't been set with all lowercase
 - Force subdomains to always be lower case 

Software Update - V4.20.15

New Fixes:
 - Resolved an issue that was intermittently not date stamping 'last logged in'
 - Updated shelf setback label for robes with bottoms 

Software Update - V4.20.14

New Features:
 - New setting for Manufacturers! An option has been added under Tools > Settings > Preferences to enable/disable the ability for customers to order advanced door profiles with glass cut-outs
 New Improvements:
 - Reorganise customer settings page
 - Fix management of job database metadata 

Software Update - V4.20.13

New Features:
 - PDFs now list 'No shelves specified' rather than omitting the shelf section if the user adds a cabinet without shelves.
 New Improvements:
 - Fix edge settings being lost when quickly saving
 - Update of pricing logic open vs open carcase products so they both align if using the same material
 - Improved mobile cart view and menu interactions 

Software Update - V4.20.11

New Improvements:
 - Add functionality to reorder cabinets in the detailed cart view
 - Added further cabinet save validation to prevent cabinets face heights being changed and saved with invalid drawer runners
 - Fixed missing product descriptions
 - Resolved image resizing causing product names to disappear when zoomed out 

Software Update - V4.20.10

New Improvements:
 - Added material level 'door filter' restrictions to all products, including those without door styles (e.g open units)
 - Force drawer runner fields to validate after cabinet size change, prior to save/update
 - All customers now switched to New UI
 - Remove line breaks when generating CSVs 

Software Updates - V4.20.8

New Improvements:
 - QFP support in desktop browser mode on compatible tablet devices
 - Improvements to the size of error messages on QFP for smaller screen resolutions
 - 'Select supply methods' no longer flashes when switching between tabs on a product level 

Software Updates - V4.20.5

New Improvements:
 - Implement extensive validation on advanced door styles that permit borders to be specified
 - Redirect old password reset page to new version
 - Add validation for NZ phone number format
 - Apply default border widths set on door styles on room level 

Software Updates - V4.20.4

New Improvements:
 - Implemented restrictions to file upload types, sizes and counts in preparation for enabling users to attach files to jobs
 - Remove 'door gap' field on products with a single door
 - Hide door categories without door styles in the material dropdowns 

Software Updates - V4.20.3

New Improvements:
 - Updated more validation messages to ensure clarity to end customer.
 - Improve QFP layout on zoomed in or small screens
 - Added floating and collapsible left and right menus for small screens