3 days ago

Software Update - 4.29.11

New Improvement:
- Optimise & speed up page loads for QFP and the regular product editor

New Fix:
- Fix PDF button on the cart sidebar not disappearing on Safari
7 days ago

Software Update - 4.29.9

New Features:
- Add new option under preferences to disable estimated completion dates on jobs

New Improvements:
- Add "more info" button for shelf type dropdown, and include pictures of different shelf types
Shelf type more info

- Reimplement customer CSV export by queueing and emailing large exports

New Fixes:
- Fix up and down clickers appearing over dropdowns
- Fix pending payment job CSV not downloading

10 days ago

Software Update - 4.29.7

New Improvements:
- Update new registration API to accept registrations from wordpress forminator form

New Fixes:
- Reworked upper filler assembly pricing to remove erroneous additional assembly charges
- Fix formatting of sundry item names
- Resolved Xero integration refresh token matter when linked to a Xero 'Demo Organisation'

14 days ago

Software Update - 4.29.6

New Improvements:
- C.O Admin backend changes - non-visible to manufacturers
- Add a prompt to alert users to log out if they try to create a job and it isn't successful. 

New Fix:
- Resolved a glitch in dropdown filters on the manufacturer's portal on edge, material and door lists

28 days ago

Software Update - 4.29.2

New Features:
- Added a new "Include door / drawer faces" Yes/No radio buttons on all products that would otherwise have doors / drawer faces. When "No" selected, the system will default to using the 'Non Supply' material on exterior parts, and hide the material search function.
Remove Doors/Drawers

Remove Doors/Drawers

New Improvements:
- Reformat Job Details PDF (table view) to better display information relating to ovens and drawers

New Fixes:
- Resolved a glitch in door previews, where mid-rail positions weren't updating in the preview in certain when altering quantities of rails.

Software Update - 4.29.1

New Fixes:
- Resolved inconsistency in the display of door hang previews when editing saved cabinet products 
- Fixed edge matching in QFP (Doors & Panels)

New Improvements:
- Pre-populate pricing for saved QFP (Doors & Panels) items from API to speed up load times
- Add loading spinners to QFP (Doors & Panels) page upon re-editing saved QFP items 

Software Update - 4.29.0

New Features:
- Implement material search in QFP/Doors & Panels section
- Added a new prompt when the user clicks the 'copy' button, so they can specify how many duplicates of that product that they want
- Display colour swatches on QFP beside material and edge selection
- Display door style image beside door selection

New Improvements:
- When clicking 'Add Product' on QFP/Doors & Panels, product spec is retained, but height/width and any notes/variations are cleared
QFP Search

Software Update - 4.28.18

New Fixes:
- Resolved a small UI glitch which duplicated help and support menu items under specific circumstances
- Updated preview on base pair products to displaying door hang arrow indicators
- Fixed QFP error validation messages displaying incorrect product number

New Improvements:
- On automatically added 'default rooms', apply door style's specific border widths as a default instead of customer set default widths 

Software Update - 4.28.15

New Fixes:
- Fix face height not updating on microwave cabinets
- Fix erroneous rail position fields when rail amounts are 0

New Improvements:
- Add validation of mid rail amounts

Software Update - 4.28.14

New Feature:
- Add configuration for the direction of door hang arrows

New Improvements:
- Change last job state from "Ready for Dispatch" to "Job Completed"

Software Update - 4.28.12

New Improvements:
- Rename fields for the Base Door & Drawer product in the product editor and PDF to give greater clarity
- Change wording on production complete emails for pickup jobs to say 'Your job is now ready for pickup'
- Keep manufacturers on the same page when performing job actions (e.g. if job is marked as complete from dashboard, stay on the dashboard or If a job action is performed from the jobReport page, then return to the jobReport page)

Software Update - 4.28.8

New Improvements:
 - Add IDs and item codes to most Materials, Hardware & Edges tables

New Fixes:
- Resolved door styles being reset when switching tabs
- Implemented a fix to stop horizontal rail position being reset within QFP upon user changing product size or rail heights

Software Update - 4.28.7

New Improvements:
- Relax phone number validations to permit more 
- Prefill the customer's account listed phone number when creating a new jobs to save time

Software Update - 4.28.5

New Improvements:
- Include the estimated completion date in the "approved customer" email
- Add product quantity to yes and edit costs popup
- Implemented UTC time check, and shorter time for token refresh for Xero Access 

New Fixes:
- On doors which have a 'locked edge', resolve an edge case bug where the locked edge was being applied to the carcase edges

Software Update - 4.28.3

New Features:
- Added a percentage feature on vertical partitions (e.g. Broom Cabinets), which change vertical partition position dynamically as a user changes cabinet width. If a 'mm position' is set, then this will be left at the specified amount and won't change as a user updates cabinet size.

Vertical Partition Percentage Position

New Improvements:
- Remove the word 'Notes' from the variations section heading in QFP / Doors & Panels screen
- Implemented further door validations to account for large negative door margins

New Fixes:
- Fix missing double sided and horizontal grain settings when rooms are automatically created
- Fix times being displayed as UTC on customer dashboard in the 'Quoted Jobs' section

Software Update - 4.28.0

New Features:
- Add new functionality to enable manufacturers to specify a BCC email address, to receive copies of all customer emails being sent (Tools > Settings > Update Details - Customer Email Log)
- Add a new accounts-only email fieldfor manufacturers - so that the specified address will ONLY receive invoice and statement related emails. (Tools > Settings > Update Details - Accounts Email)
- Implemented new email templates, with improved styling, content and branding

New Improvements:
- Set a character limit for appliance names
- Improved formatting of "session timed out" message

New Fixes:
- Corrected the alignment of job action buttons on the dashboard, when the 'load more jobs' button is selected
- Updated the naming conventions of the sundry section banner, to adhere to the manufacturer set name for this option.

Software Update - 4.27.4

New Features:
- Additional Xero integration features - invoice branding themes, individual customer payment terms, optionally disable invoice creation.
- Added a keyword search to Prices > Hardware rather than a dropdown list.
Simply enter a keyword such as 'Antaro' and hit enter to filter the hardware to only show results containing this keyword.

New Improvements:
- Only show 'add room' popup once if a job goes through a price reset before being editable

New Fixes:
- Resolved a bug which prevented mass cost edits to be applied to hidden hardware items
- Fix new hardware items having to be hidden then unhidden before they're usable

Software Update - 4.27.3

New Features:
- Add option for manufacturers to disable self-registration

New Improvements:
- Use "working days" instead of "days" in leadtime charts
- Consolidation of Xero integration code
- Removed resetting product edging values on QFP when clicking the 'copy' icon

Software Update - 4.27.2

New Improvements:
- Remove restriction of always having 'Doors & Panels' products come before regular products
- Add job bypass for submitted GFP jobs which had variation costs attached

New Fix:
- Fix manufacturer "set password" links being reported as expired

Software Update - 4.26.3

New Improvevements:
- Reimplement TDLD PDF image generation

New Fixes:
- Resolved a bug where drawer face types in the dropdown options were being reset upon re-editing, despite the saved values being correct. 
- Fix edge matching not working applying to first material option in the list on QFP

Software Update - 4.26.2

New Improvements:
- Improved the Xero disconnection process

Software Update - 4.26.1

New Improvements:
- Updated cookie management
- Additional code cleanup and general improvements

New Fixes:
- Corrected bug which caused the material summary on the materials tab of the advanced job reporting screens to disappear
- Fixed page becoming unresponsive after changing door style (when changing from advanced door style, to non-advanced).

Software Update - 4.25.5

New Improvements:
- Update customer listing API data to rename some fields and add delivery addresses

New Fixes
- Fixed a bug which could cause resetting of advanced door settings if the custom colour name was updated on the room level.

Software Update - 4.25.3

New Improvements:
- Updated Xero specific customer CSV export to append the contact name with their email address, to work around restrictions in the Xero import which required unique contact names
- Made the doors search box on materials page show all the time (previously would hide when only 1 door style was available for the product).

New Fixes:
- Resolved an issue when mid rail heights/widths were being cleared upon re-editing a product some advanced door products
- Resolved a false error when setting a password to verify a customer account

Software Update - 4.24.7

New Improvements:
- More cleanups and general code improvements
- Tighten up validation of coupon codes

New Fixes:
- Resolved the dropdown for drawer selections being overlapped by the footer 
- Fix inconsistent CSV upload error messages

Software Update - 4.24.6

New Improvements:
- Fix configuration of split door fridge cabinets
- Fix tutorial not scrolling to show highlighted element
- Only allow customers to verify their accounts until they set a password

New Fixes:
- General code maintenance and clean up
- Hotfix some inefficient queries in Benchtop Designer

Software Update - 4.24.5

New Improvements:
- Include manufacturer set material height and width overrides in APIs for material search

Software Update - 4.24.1

New Improvements:
- Add support lattice doors by creating a 'panes' option
- Improve login/logout and session resurrection functionality

New Fixes:
- Resolved a UI Fix "collapse menu" button falling off the bottom of the screen

Software Update - 4.24.0

New Feature:
- We've added the ability to create & manage coupon codes, and permit your customers to apply them to their jobs
Coupon functionality

New Improvements:
- Added logic to fall back to room default margins, when a user changes to a finger recess option, and then changes back to 'None'

Software Update - 4.23.2

New Improvements:
- Improve display of benchtops in the job report
- Updated styling of PDF button popup in search bar and dashboard to be uniform

New Fixes:
- Resolved PDF popout options on job being cut off in search on mobile
- Resolved dimensions not displaying in KD Max import for some panels

Software Update - 4.22.26

New Features:
- Add a Change Room Settings button to the left menu
Change room settings button

- Added a short tutorial indicating a Room must be added prior to products
Add room tutorial-style prompt

- Job List CSV export for manufacturers (available only when filters applied. Maximum 300 results)

New Improvements:
- Updated message on detailed cart view to be clearer when there's no room added
- Implemented strict validations of file types when receiving uploads

Software Update - 4.22.22

New Improvements:
- Job Top Down Layout PDFs performance improvements. 
- Further JobReport pricing breakdown improvements around handling of timber rail costs

New Fixes:
- Fix capital "S" in "UnSubmit" prompt to customers

Software Update - 4.22.19

New Improvements:
- Improved performance of the job report page
- Updated behaviour of minimum usage help icon on job report, so that it doesn't popup upon the mouse hovering over it (click now required)
- Updated formatting of minimum usage breakdown on job report to be uniform across all job report tabs
- Add preview to door drawer products
- Better handle importing products through KD Max import which are missing dimensions

New Fixes:
- Resolved an issue when KD Max import crashed after product added
- Fix toe kick height disappearing on some robe cabinets upon product being saved to job then edited

Software Update - 4.22.17

New Improvements:
- Improved performance of loading the customer reports page
- Improve performance of loading the job reports page

New Fixes:
- Resolved the 'door style unavailable on this product' customer prompt not showing up
- Updated shelf previews on open cabinets to utilise correct colour swatch

Software Update - 4.22.14

New Improvements:
- Add beta tag to job report tabs and fix some more bugs
- Updated formatting of taxes on the job report

New Fixes:
- Fixed door height occasionally being cut-off in the panel preview on QFP
- Fix preview image broken on KD Max import

Software Update - 4.22.13

New Improvements:
- Prevent users from adding base L-shaped drawer products if the Solid Top part is hidden
- Add more detail for minimum usage fees on job report
- Remove the word "business" days from statements

New Fixes:
- Updates to remove discrepancies between the overview graph and jobs on the dashboard
- Fix the assembly default for new users

Software Update - 4.22.11

New Improvements:
- Add infrastructure to compile outsourced material details to job report tabs, coming soon to the advanced job report screen.

New Fixes:
- Fix some discrepancies on the reporting graph on the manufacturer dashboard
- Fix branding flashing on login page
- Removed unnecessary "Drawer Panel Edge Inner:" field from CSVs for drawer products

Software Update - 4.22.10

New Improvements:
- On products with doors and drawers (e.g. Wall Ovens cabinets, base door and drawer cabinets), permit different rail details on both the doors and drawers

New Fixes:
- Updated calculations on open units using one material, to better handle varying thicknesses in side panels when bottoms, backs, tops and shelves
- Fix error/success and validation messages appearing under the cart in specific situations

Software Update - 4.22.7

New Improvements:
- Updated font on TDLD product search to match rest of the application
- Updated green 'success' messages for QFP actions to match messages in rest of application
- Added a default to always create a room on new jobs if 'add room' button is disabled
- Removed "default room saved" message if 'add room' button is disabled
- Updated the display of multi-part messages from the API

Software Update - 4.22.6

New Improvements:
- Improve experience on jobs with items from disabled features
- Updated colour swatch rotation (when horizontal grain selected) on all areas of the application 

Bug Fixes:
- Fix a small bug on sundry keyword searching not working correctly after user clicked through multiple sub-categories

Software Update - V4.22.3

New Improvements & Fixes:
- Fix wine rack not reporting top choice on job report
- Fix invalid completion dates on GFP jobs
- Add "load more" buttons to the outsourced material list
- Updated search logic in Sundries to better handle searches for keywords that don't exist in products

Software Update - V4.22.2

New Improvements:
- Implemented a block to prevent customers being able to use edit buttons before the job is fully loaded
- Fix customers signup source tag being set to 'generic domain' when signing up with a specified manufacturer ID
- Remove the unnecessary 'top shelves' section from wine rack products 
- Fixed product validation errors on KD Max import 
- Update job report page to use goFlatpacks customer minimum charge in job totals

Software Update - V4.22.1

New Improvements:
- Add additional reporting in BETA testing on the job report screen
- Updated formula for calculating the maximum drawer length calculations for Ls corner cabinets
- Allow BTD profiles with "."s in their names

Software Update - V4.22.0

New Improvements:
- Implemented improved password reset email logic
- Removed invalid product popup errors when hardware on specific cabinets was set to drill-only
- Change drawer depth calculation for Ls drawers
- Fix drawer length error message
- Removed redundant GFP code
- Split customer defaults out of customers and manufacturers to facilitate more granular trade/retail control on accounts in Cabinetry.Online

Software Update - V4.21.0

- We've enabled a 'Maximum Job's Price Age' function, which allows manufacturer's to define a set period (in days) for which a user's job's pricing will be valid. This is based on the 'last updated' date on the job. You can find this under Tools > Settings > Preferences
- Once a job has exceeded the number of days in this field, since it was last updated, upon trying to edit the job the user will be prompted with a dialog box that the job pricing must be reset before they can submit or edit.

New Improvements:
- Added a system queue to allow intensive processes to be queued up and ran on a separate server => speeding up loading times for general system usage.
- New 'queued actions' include Job Copying, Benchtop Designer pricing generation, Room Copying and Price Resets.
- Implemented pricing resets on all benchtop elements

Software Update - V4.20.21

New Feature:
 - Added a new feature where, upon a customer updating room materials, all existing product sizes are validated against the new material max length and width. A popup error is now shown where a previously added valid product (e.g. 2900 x 1200 part) then becomes invalid due to user updating room material to a smaller format material (max 2400 x 1200 sheet size). The product will remain using the materials of the valid product and not be updated.

New Improvements:
- Updated the customer list API to not return deleted customers
- Fix redirection to dashboard when refreshing the new UI
- Permit glass cutouts to be managed by the form fields
- Fix spinning loader when admins or manufacturers navigate to a specific page on the new UI

Software Update - V4.20.20

New Improvements:
 - Fixed a bug that prevented descriptions on different sundry item variations not refreshing upon changing.
 - Added a fix to better report session timeouts 

Software Update - V4.20.19

- Refresh gap and product size caches when they're changed by a customer in their product default settings in their account
- Add full fall-backs to edge matching and optimise it
- Fix customer CSV download only showing customers with jobs 

Software Update - V4.20.17

New Improvements:
 - Improved adjustable legs trigger updating products within rooms
 - Updated edge matching in QFP to find Brand > Colour if no finish exists.
 - Added support for locking and setting edges based on door style settings 

Software Updates - V4.20.16

New Improvements:
 - Use the new UI for 404 handling
 - Fix infinite redirects when subdomains in branding haven't been set with all lowercase
 - Force subdomains to always be lower case 

Software Update - V4.20.15

New Fixes:
 - Resolved an issue that was intermittently not date stamping 'last logged in'
 - Updated shelf setback label for robes with bottoms 

Software Update - V4.20.14

New Features:
 - New setting for Manufacturers! An option has been added under Tools > Settings > Preferences to enable/disable the ability for customers to order advanced door profiles with glass cut-outs
 New Improvements:
 - Reorganise customer settings page
 - Fix management of job database metadata 

Software Update - V4.20.13

New Features:
 - PDFs now list 'No shelves specified' rather than omitting the shelf section if the user adds a cabinet without shelves.
 New Improvements:
 - Fix edge settings being lost when quickly saving
 - Update of pricing logic open vs open carcase products so they both align if using the same material
 - Improved mobile cart view and menu interactions 

Software Update - V4.20.11

New Improvements:
 - Add functionality to reorder cabinets in the detailed cart view
 - Added further cabinet save validation to prevent cabinets face heights being changed and saved with invalid drawer runners
 - Fixed missing product descriptions
 - Resolved image resizing causing product names to disappear when zoomed out 

Software Update - V4.20.10

New Improvements:
 - Added material level 'door filter' restrictions to all products, including those without door styles (e.g open units)
 - Force drawer runner fields to validate after cabinet size change, prior to save/update
 - All customers now switched to New UI
 - Remove line breaks when generating CSVs 

Software Updates - V4.20.8

New Improvements:
 - QFP support in desktop browser mode on compatible tablet devices
 - Improvements to the size of error messages on QFP for smaller screen resolutions
 - 'Select supply methods' no longer flashes when switching between tabs on a product level 

Software Updates - V4.20.5

New Improvements:
 - Implement extensive validation on advanced door styles that permit borders to be specified
 - Redirect old password reset page to new version
 - Add validation for NZ phone number format
 - Apply default border widths set on door styles on room level 

Software Updates - V4.20.4

New Improvements:
 - Implemented restrictions to file upload types, sizes and counts in preparation for enabling users to attach files to jobs
 - Remove 'door gap' field on products with a single door
 - Hide door categories without door styles in the material dropdowns 

Software Updates - V4.20.3

New Improvements:
 - Updated more validation messages to ensure clarity to end customer.
 - Improve QFP layout on zoomed in or small screens
 - Added floating and collapsible left and right menus for small screens